Most Common Rumours

Updated Occurred Rumour Status Sightings
3-Sep-2015 31-Oct-2014 A serious fight ensued in Bora... Confirmed true 31
11-Jan-2016 30-Jul-2015 We have received information t... Confirmed true 26
31-Aug-2014 25-Aug-2014 One young man from Kipao badly... Confirmed true 25
24-Sep-2015 1-Mar-2015 A series of anti-Muslim hate s... Confirmed true 24
30-Sep-2015 1-Apr-2015 Anti-Muslim hate speeches have... Confirmed true 21
6-Aug-2015 3-Aug-2015 We have been told that there i... Confirmed true 18
3-Sep-2015 20-May-2015 Teachers received message of i... Confirmed true 16
11-Jan-2016 21-Feb-2015 A big fire broke out in Kilele... Confirmed true 16
3-Apr-2016 7-Oct-2015 Radical Buddhist Monk Touring ... Confirmed true 15
12-Apr-2016 4-Dec-2015 Extremist U Wirathu toured Yan... Confirmed true 15
21-Sep-2014 10-Sep-2014 Suspicious helicopters purport... Confirmed true 14
13-Oct-2015 2-May-2015 A number of hate speeches have... Confirmed true 13
31-Mar-2016 30-Mar-2016 Ethnic related killings in Hol... Confirmed true 13
5-Apr-2016 1-Nov-2015 In November, U Wirathu toured ... Confirmed true 12
7-Oct-2014 2-Oct-2014 A white aircraft is seen at on... Confirmed true 12
13-May-2015 12-May-2015 An Aircraft heard moving above... Confirmed true 11
13-Oct-2014 29-Sep-2014 Several houses torched in Kats... Impossible to verify but probably true 11
7-Apr-2015 6-Apr-2015 Increased fear of fire outbrea... Confirmed true 11
6-Mar-2016 11-Jul-2015 In the month of July, Ashin Wi... Confirmed true 10
19-Feb-2015 18-Feb-2015 Heavy gunshots in Shauri Moyo ... Confirmed true 10
14-Oct-2015 1-Jun-2015 U Wirathu toured Burma in June... Confirmed true 9
4-Sep-2014 30-Jul-2014 Serious gunshots heard in Silo... Confirmed false 9
17-Oct-2014 16-Oct-2014 Tension high in Tarassa and it... Confirmed true 9
4-Apr-2016 4-Oct-2015 Extremist Myanmar National Net... Confirmed true 9
1-Nov-2014 31-Oct-2014 Several women from Semikaro ha... Confirmed true 9
26-Jan-2016 12-Jan-2016 Gunshots heard for several hou... Confirmed true 9
18-Mar-2015 15-Mar-2015 A man has been found in posses... Impossible to verify 8
22-Feb-2017 20-Feb-2017 Two pupils are still missing a... Confirmed true 8
26-Mar-2015 5-Mar-2015 The intelligence report is tha... Probably true 8
4-Nov-2014 2-Nov-2014 In Dalu Area one Pokomo was at... Confirmed true 8
3-Dec-2014 4-Nov-2014 A group of around 300 MRC mili... Impossible to verify but probably true 8
8-Mar-2015 8-Mar-2015 An Orma grazed in a Pokomo far... Confirmed true 8
4-Jul-2014 30-Nov--0001 Suspected Al shabab militia at... Probably false 7
31-Dec-2014 20-Dec-2014 A bus has been hijacked near W... Confirmed true 7
13-Oct-2015 2-May-2015 In May the Myanmar National Ne... Confirmed true 7
23-Apr-2015 18-Apr-2015 GSU officers assaulted county ... Confirmed true 7
19-Feb-2015 17-Feb-2015 In Minjila Malakote and Somali... Confirmed true 7
30-Sep-2015 1-Apr-2015 The Myanmar National Network i... Confirmed true 6
6-Jul-2014 5-Jul-2014 Gamba Police station has been ... Confirmed true 6
4-Jan-2015 30-Dec-2014 There was a babel heard-the so... Confirmed false 6
15-Dec-2015 12-Dec-2015 One person disappered and was ... Confirmed false 6
24-Nov-2016 18-Nov-2016 One person killed and his floc... Confirmed true 6
20-Feb-2017 8-Feb-2017 One person killed in Dumi area... Confirmed true 6
21-Jun-2017 7-May-2017 One youth from Ngao stabbed by... Confirmed true 6
26-Jan-2015 15-Jan-2015 in Moa area women who had gone... Impossible to verify but probably true 5
15-Jun-2015 14-Jun-2015 Fresh attack in Lamu Police ca... Confirmed true 5
29-Jan-2017 27-Jan-2017 KDF Camp attacked in Somali an... Confirmed true 5
11-Jul-2014 10-Jul-2014 In Pandanguo of Witu district ... Confirmed true 5
8-Apr-2015 5-Apr-2015 Gunshots heard and Gamba Polic... Confirmed false 5
5-Apr-2016 4-Apr-2016 Gunshots heard in Balatiro sid... Confirmed true 5