A Congolese pastor was killed by unknown armed group.  
Occurred in South Sudan DRC border in Morobo County, Uganda on November 26, 2019, at 3:59 PM
Reported by BarnabasAfrica via Internet on November 26, 2019, at 4:02 PM in Ofua 1, Uganda
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This rumour is confirmed true and is of high priority – here's why:
According to the Congolese authorities, the pastor was murdered forces belonging to South Sudan's Governement after accusing him of harbouring rebels loyal to Gen Thomas Cyrillo

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Location Reported by Via Date
Ofua 1, Uganda BarnabasAfrica Internet 26-Nov-2019 @ 4:02 PM
Ocea, Uganda JJ Voice / telephone 26-Nov-2019 @ 11:35 AM
Arua, Uganda JJ Walk-in / in person 25-Nov-2019 @ 1:30 AM
December 3, 2019 | 5:16 AM | anonymous
MODERATOR A local chief in Morobo who spoke to one of our community ambassadors in Ofua 4 through a phone call has said: "He was summoned by the Congolese authority in the border to account for the murder of the pastor". And also we met and spoke to some of the women who recently fled to the camp from Isabi- Morobo in Ocea reception centre they confirmed the slaughter of the Congolese pastor alongside other two South Sudanese youth whom they were arrested together with. According to them, the armed group behind the killings were South Sudan's government soldiers.