A conflict arose between community arrow boys of Zombo District and the Ugandan army, which left three soldiers and 23 civilians dead  
Occurred in Zombo, Uganda on March 11, 2020, at 1:50 PM
Reported by JJ via Internet on March 11, 2020, at 3:40 PM in Ofua 2, Uganda

This rumour is probably true and is of high priority – here's why:
Authorities in Zombo say at least three Uganda People’s Defence Forces soldiers were killed by unknown attackers on Friday morning in Zombo District. In a telephone interview, the Zombo District chairperson said that three soldiers were killed, as were four suspected attackers when the UPDF retaliated. "A group of people came at night, stormed the army barracks, killed and chopped three soldiers with pangas [machetes], and some soldiers were badly hurt and were taken to Goli Health Center IV and Nyapeya hospital," the chairperson said.

According to the district boss, the attack occurred at around 2:00 AM on Friday, 6 March 2020. He said that during the attack the army also retaliated and shot dead four suspected attackers. On Friday morning gunshots were still being heard around the Zombo Town Council as the combined forces of the Uganda Police and the army pursued the alleged attackers and and stormed a place called Magic Springs where it’s suspected that the alleged attackers had converged.

The chairperson noted that some suspected attackers were this morning sighted heading towards the direction of Congo-Uganda border southwest of the Zombo Town Council and they are suspected to be hiding around the hill. Eyewitnesses claim that over 300 people armed with pangas, bow and arrows, and clubs stormed the army detachment in wee hours of Friday when soldiers were probably asleep. He noted that army reinforcements were ferried from Arua to Zombo and have gone to pursue the attacker from their hideouts. Although the chairperson stated that it’s still unclear where the attackers came from but one of the four attackers killed was found with National Identity Card belonging to a place in Paidha Town Council. When contacted, the public relations officer of 4th Division confirmed the incident, stating that "Our detachment here in Zombo was attacked and we are pursuing them. We are in the bushes and have arrested some suspects and we expect to arrest more who will give us good information." When asked about the number of people killed, the officer said they are still pursuing and investigating the incident.

Follow this link for more details: https://www.westnileweb.com/news-a-analysis/zombo/23-captured-12-killed-1-soldier-missing-after-raid-on-updf-detach-in-zombo

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Ofua 2, Uganda JJ Internet 11-Mar-2020 @ 3:40 PM

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