Jabe Judith
Jabe Judith
October 29, 2019
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Updated Rumour Status
2-Jul-2020 The National Salvation Front (NAS) and the South Sudan Peopl... Under investigation
2-Jul-2020 Civilians in Jombo Payam, Morobo County are being killed by ... Under investigation
2-Jul-2020 The number of states in South Sudan has been reversed to ten... Confirmed true
18-Jun-2020 Marah rais ta uganda al isim Janet Museveni yau bi agra kala... Under investigation
8-Jun-2020 The South Sudan Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF) are preparing... Probably true
8-Jun-2020 The World Food Programme (WFP) is cutting off food distribut... Confirmed false
8-Jun-2020 The South Sudanese government deployed soldiers in the areas... Confirmed true
12-May-2020 South Sudanese government soldiers raped and abducted 17 civ... Probably true
12-May-2020 The National Salvation Front (NAS) has warned civilians to s... Confirmed true
12-May-2020 South Sudan has lifted the COVID-19 lockdown Confirmed true
12-May-2020 South Sudan has recorded more COVID-19 cases with seven (7) ... Confirmed true
7-May-2020 The SPLA-IO clashed with the National Salvation Front (NAS) ... Probably true
24-Apr-2020 The number of COVID-19 cases in South Sudan has increased by... Under investigation
24-Apr-2020 31 South Sudanese and Ugandan people who were under quaranti... Confirmed true
22-Apr-2020 Uganda has released three (3) COVID-19 survivors from medica... Confirmed true
22-Apr-2020 Twenty (20) people suspected of being COVID-19 positive have... Confirmed false
22-Apr-2020 The government of South Sudan is tarmacking Juba-Yei road Confirmed false
22-Apr-2020 The 12-year-old girl who was gang raped by South Sudanese go... Impossible to verify
22-Apr-2020 Rhino Camp will receive food and cash distributions for two ... Confirmed false
22-Apr-2020 A child died as police disperses people at Ochodri Trading C... New / uninvestigated
22-Apr-2020 Jesus told the Pope that he is coming soon to rescue people ... Confirmed false
22-Apr-2020 A huge stone will fall and destroy the entire Earth in July ... Impossible to verify but probably false
7-Apr-2020 The South Sudanese Government has deployed thousands of sold... New / uninvestigated
7-Apr-2020 South Sudanese government forces are raping women and destro... New / uninvestigated
7-Apr-2020 South Sudan confirmed its first COVID-19 case today Confirmed true
7-Apr-2020 South Sudan has received COVID-19 testing kits and will comm... New / uninvestigated
7-Apr-2020 One staff member of an international organization operating ... Impossible to verify
7-Apr-2020 Schools in Uganda will reopen following the shutdown due to ... Probably true
7-Apr-2020 The number of COVID-19 cases in Uganda has increased to 48 Confirmed true
7-Apr-2020 The distribution of food rations will start in Ocea Zone Confirmed false
7-Apr-2020 The Chinese government donated money and equipment to South ... Under investigation
7-Apr-2020 Diamond Platinum's manager, Sallam Sharat, has tested positi... Impossible to verify
7-Apr-2020 A newborn Sudanese baby said that drinking sugarless tea wit... Confirmed false
7-Apr-2020 The body of man identified as having come from Tika committe... Confirmed true
7-Apr-2020 A COVID-19 case has been confirmed in Imvepi Refugee Settlem... Confirmed false
7-Apr-2020 Arua District has confined people indoors until 10:00 AM due... Confirmed false
27-Mar-2020 Public transportation from Arua to the refugee camps is goin... Confirmed true
27-Mar-2020 Uganda has confirmed its first case of the COVID-19 virus Confirmed true
19-Mar-2020 Thomas Cirillo is involved in the newly-formed Unity Governm... Confirmed false
19-Mar-2020 The cure for coronavirus (COVID-19) has been discovered in A... Confirmed false
19-Mar-2020 A woman was killed in cold blood in Tika, Odubo this morning... Impossible to verify
19-Mar-2020 The musician turned legislator for Kyandondo East Robert Kya... Probably false
19-Mar-2020 The ministerial positions of the Unity Government in South S... Impossible to verify
19-Mar-2020 Sudanese prime minister Abdalla Hamdok narrowly survived ass... Confirmed true
19-Mar-2020 Heavy fighting erupted in Pibor Administrative Area between ... Probably true
19-Mar-2020 Opposition leader Dr Riek Machar and his wife Angelina, who ... Impossible to verify
19-Mar-2020 A refugee radio station has been opened in Omugo Refugee Set... New / uninvestigated
18-Mar-2020 The police arrested a man for stealing solar panels in Ocea ... Confirmed true
18-Mar-2020 One person has been confirmed as having coronavirus in Arua ... Confirmed false
18-Mar-2020 A conflict arose between community arrow boys of Zombo Distr... Probably true
Date Comment Rumour
15-Jun-2020 According to an eye witness it was exact... A host community member suspected of ste...
5-Mar-2020 According to sources reached this busine... The businessman who owns the Yei Resort ...
15-Jan-2020 The link below shows that there was actu... Fighting broke out between rival securit...
28-Nov-2019 I also heard about this from the link be... The South Sudanese president Salva Kiir ...
18-Nov-2019 Its true that the fuel tankers exploded ... Fuel tanks travelling from Juba to Marid...