Jabe Judith
Jabe Judith
October 29, 2019
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Updated Rumour Status
21-Jan-2020 The Kaya-Yei Road is now safe for travelers Probably true
21-Jan-2020 The governor of Yei River State was caught embezzling public... Impossible to verify
20-Jan-2020 A girl was lured from one of the refugee camps to Busia and ... New / uninvestigated
20-Jan-2020 The South Sudanese government is not adhering to the peace p... New / uninvestigated
14-Jan-2020 Food will not be distributed to refugees in Rhino Camp Refug... Confirmed false
14-Jan-2020 A magician turned into a snake in Otogo County after visitin... Probably false
14-Jan-2020 A person went missing during the Christmas celebrations in I... Probably true
10-Jan-2020 The Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement-in-Opposition (SPLM-IO... Under investigation
10-Jan-2020 A heavy truck carrying food items was overturned in Kenya Under investigation
10-Jan-2020 Families were burned alive by government soldiers in Wunduru... New / uninvestigated
10-Jan-2020 The South Sudan People's Defense Forces (SSPDF) plugged the ... New / uninvestigated
10-Jan-2020 The National Salvation Front (NAS) is abducting pro-governme... Under investigation
10-Jan-2020 Bobi Wine was arrested by the Ugandan police in Kampala Confirmed true
10-Jan-2020 The South Sudanese government has deployed only soldiers fro... Under investigation
10-Jan-2020 Opposition leader Dr Riek Machar has been forced to go back ... Confirmed false
10-Jan-2020 A 17-year-old-girl was found dead after being raped by five ... Impossible to verify
10-Jan-2020 The Government of South Sudan has moved its military operati... Under investigation
10-Jan-2020 One staff member of an organization operating in Rhino Camp ... Under investigation
7-Jan-2020 The Yei River State governor's convoy survived a deadly ambu... Confirmed false
7-Jan-2020 Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) has been replaced by the Inte... Probably true
7-Jan-2020 The South Sudanese government is planning to commit genocide... New / uninvestigated
7-Jan-2020 The World Food Program (WFP) is considering reducing food ra... Probably false
28-Dec-2019 A car was burnt along Kaya-Yei road Confirmed false
19-Dec-2019 There is a high rate of boda boda killings in Arua town New / uninvestigated
19-Dec-2019 Two people were killed in Otogo Payam during continuous figh... New / uninvestigated
18-Dec-2019 The International Rescue Committee (IRC) staff in Ofua Healt... Under investigation
6-Dec-2019 Refugee sim cards block by the Uganda telecommunication netw... Confirmed true
6-Dec-2019 There are ongoing clashes between the National Salvation Fro... Probably true
6-Dec-2019 Two people killed in Mugwo Payam Wadufe village by the SSPDF... Under investigation
6-Dec-2019 Gunmen in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement killed two family mem... Confirmed false
5-Dec-2019 Airtel Uganda and MTN Uganda have closed down most SIM cards... Probably true
3-Dec-2019 The South Sudan Parliament is in commotion. Probably true
29-Nov-2019 Didier Drogba crashed in a road accident. Confirmed false
29-Nov-2019 Floods in Kenya killed up to 25 people last week. Confirmed true
28-Nov-2019 Wanyange community has been terrified by the emergence of th... Probably true
28-Nov-2019 The road construction from Juba has reached Lainya Confirmed false
25-Nov-2019 Unknown rebel group has emerged in Ombasi residential area y... Confirmed true
25-Nov-2019 We hear that Singer Remah Namakula wedded a new husband. Confirmed true
25-Nov-2019 Three people were shot dead by a man who organized a party i... Impossible to verify
25-Nov-2019 An unknown murderer emerged in Tanzania. Impossible to verify
18-Nov-2019 There is flooding in South Sudan and most especially Terekek... Confirmed true
18-Nov-2019 The SPLA/IO leader Dr Riek Machar was in Kampala last week Confirmed true
18-Nov-2019 We heard that two (2) people were killed in Ombasi within Ye... Probably true
18-Nov-2019 There are one hundred (100) days left for peace to reign in ... Confirmed true
18-Nov-2019 The Opposition Group known as the National Salvation Front h... Impossible to verify
14-Nov-2019 The United Nations (UN) rates South Sudan security at level ... Confirmed true
14-Nov-2019 A promotional smartphone turned into a snake in Koboko Distr... Impossible to verify but probably false
13-Nov-2019 Suspicious earthquake rocks Juba targeting places of pro-Kii... Confirmed false
13-Nov-2019 The formation of the Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of ... Confirmed true
13-Nov-2019 The Village Health Teams (VHTs) in Mvepi Refugee Settlement... Under investigation
Date Comment Rumour
15-Jan-2020 The link below shows that there was actu... Fighting broke out between rival securit...
28-Nov-2019 I also heard about this from the link be... The South Sudanese president Salva Kiir ...
18-Nov-2019 Its true that the fuel tankers exploded ... Fuel tanks travelling from Juba to Marid...