Anthony Mabe
Anthony Mabe
October 26, 2019
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Updated Rumour Status
30-Mar-2020 Uganda confirmed new COVIT-19 cases Confirmed true
30-Mar-2020 The South Sudan's first vice president Dr. Riek Machar defec... Confirmed false
30-Mar-2020 The South Sudan government forces attacked the base of the N... Under investigation
5-Mar-2020 Refugees from Ocea Zone of Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement are... Confirmed false
5-Mar-2020 The businessman who owns the Yei Resort Hotel has gone mad Confirmed false
5-Mar-2020 The current power sharing element of the peace deal is betwe... New / uninvestigated
2-Mar-2020 The South Sudanese government has appointed ten governors re... New / uninvestigated
2-Mar-2020 The security arrangement in South Sudan has been completed New / uninvestigated
28-Feb-2020 Residents in Omugo Refugee Settlement of Rhino Camp Extensio... New / uninvestigated
25-Feb-2020 Refugees fought during food distribution in Omugo village, t... Under investigation
19-Feb-2020 It is now safe to use the Yei-Kaya Road and many vehicles ar... Confirmed true
16-Feb-2020 A farmer has been abducted in between Alero and Ronyi while ... Probably true
21-Jan-2020 SPLM-IO leader Dr Riek Machar is holding talks with the gove... Confirmed true
17-Jan-2020 The South Sudanese government has signed a peace deal with t... Under investigation
17-Jan-2020 The Refugee Welfare Council 3 chairperson died in Arua Refer... Confirmed true
31-Dec-2019 Families were burned alive by government soldiers in Wunduru... New / uninvestigated
31-Dec-2019 The South Sudan People's Defense Forces (SSPDF) gouged out t... New / uninvestigated
28-Dec-2019 There have been heavy clashes between South Sudan government... New / uninvestigated
9-Dec-2019 The Murle attacked a village in Bor, abducted five children,... Under investigation
9-Dec-2019 The economic crisis is worsening in South Sudan Confirmed true
6-Dec-2019 The South Sudan people's defence forces (SSPDF) clashed with... Confirmed true
6-Dec-2019 South Sudan's Government soldiers wounded 3 and raped 2 inte... Confirmed true
28-Nov-2019 The South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has recruited more t... Confirmed true
25-Nov-2019 Two killed and thousands of cattle raided in Zemeja Terekaka... Under investigation
25-Nov-2019 We hear that police recruitment is ongoing in Yei River Stat... Impossible to verify but probably true
30-Oct-2019 The South Sudan government soldiers have abducted women and ... Under investigation
Date Comment Rumour
5-Mar-2020 there are new refugee arrivals at the re... Refugees from Ocea Zone of Rhino Camp Re...
28-Feb-2020 According to some people, it occurred ar... Residents in Omugo Refugee Settlement of...
25-Feb-2020 It is true, there was a fight at the dis... Refugees fought during food distribution...
10-Jan-2020 That his arrest happened after his consu... Bobi Wine was arrested by the Ugandan po...
28-Dec-2019 It has been a trending rumor. There have been heavy clashes between So...
20-Nov-2019 I heard that the kidnapped children are ... A 7 year and 20-month old children were ...